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Unofficial skyrim patch rus

Its action and role playing games. Last updated at 8:13, 29 Oct 2013 Uploaded at 8:52, 7 Oct 2012. Lanterns Of Skyrim - All In One - for Purity. Качай сксе отсюда //skse.

Снижен радиус коллизий у большого количества моделей двемерского мусора и двемерской посуды, а также у железных слитков. Данные исправления нацелены на борьбу с висящими в воздухе предметами. (meshes\clutter\dwemer\dwepot01. Nif) (Bug #13609) (meshes\clutter\dwemer\dweplate01. Nif) (Bug #13791) (meshes\clutter\food\bread01a.

Nif) (Bug #13300) (meshes\clutter\horkertusk\horkertusk. Nif) (meshes\clutter\dwemer\dwecog01. Nif) (Bug #13739) (meshes\clutter\dwemer\dwarvengear. Nif) (Bug #13758) (meshes\clutter\dwemer\dwarvenscrap1. Nif) (Bug #13803) (meshes\clutter\dwemer\dwarvenscraplarge2.

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Nif) (Bug #13801) (meshes\clutter\dwemer\dwarvenplate. Nif) (Bug #13798) (meshes\clutter\dwemer\largedwarvenplate.

Nif) (Bug #13797) (meshes\clutter\dwemer\dwarvenscrap2. Nif) (Bug #13796) (meshes\dungeons\mines\ore\ingotcorundum. Nif, meshes\dungeons\mines\ore\ingotdwarven. Nif, meshes\dungeons\mines\ore\ingotebony. Nif, meshes\dungeons\mines\ore\ingotgold. Nif, meshes\dungeons\mines\ore\ingotiron01. Nif, meshes\dungeons\mines\ore\ingotmoonstone. Nif, meshes\dungeons\mines\ore\ingotobsidian. Nif, meshes\dungeons\mines\ore\ingotorichalcum. Nif, meshes\dungeons\mines\ore\ingotquicksilver. Nif, meshes\dungeons\mines\ore\ingotsilver.

Nif, meshes\dungeons\mines\ore\ingotsteel. Исправлены ошибки наложения текстур и видимые разрывы у одной из моделей, использующейся на рынках. (meshes\architecture\windhelm\whmarket01. Исправлен видимый разрыв в стене в одной из комнат Фаренгара. (meshes\architecture\whiterun\WRInteriors\WRCastle\wrintcastlewallbasestrdouble01. Исправлен видимый разрыв на полу возле юго-западной стены Йоррваскра. (meshes\architecture\whiterun\WRTerrain\wrcompanionbase01. Исправлены неверные шейдерные флаги у женского варианта брони Изгоев, из-за чего она имела слишком темные перья. (meshes\clothes\forswornarmor\forswornarmorf_1.

Nif, meshes\clothes\forswornarmor\forswornarmorf_0. Исправлена ошибка в модели книги, которая используется при отображении анимации чтения книг персонажами. Раньше из-за ошибки перелистываемая страница становилась черной. Исправлен видимый разрыв в модели эбонитовой кольчуги, который можно наблюдать в режиме камеры от 1-го лица при стрельбе из арбалета.

Что делаетUnofficial Patch

(meshes\armor\ebonymail\1stpersoncuirass_0. Nif, meshes\armor\ebonymail\1stpersoncuirass_1.

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Nif, meshes\armor\ebonymail\1stpersoncuirassf_0. Nif, meshes\armor\ebonymail\1stpersoncuirassf_1. Nif, meshes\armor\ebonymail\cuirass_0. Nif, meshes\armor\ebonymail\cuirass_1. Nif, meshes\armor\ebonymail\cuirassf_0. Nif, meshes\armor\ebonymail\cuirassf_1. Nif, meshes\armor\ebonymail\cuirassf_gnd. Nif, meshes\armor\ebonymail\cuirassgnd.

Unofficial Skyrim Patch - Russian

У одной из моделей крыши удален лишний шейдерный флаг исправлены параметры наложения текстур (architecture\windhelm\whmarket04. Исправлены неверные параметры коллизий у одной из моделей, использующихся в подземельях (Dungeons\Mines\CaveWall\MineCFloor01. New meshes added for chandelier placed ref fixes (clutter\Imperial\ImpChandellierCandle01USKP. Nif, clutter\imperial\ImpChandellierExtensionMedUSKP.

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Nif, clutter\imperial\ImpChandellierExtensionShortUSKP. Fixed UV mapping (clutter\silver\silvercandlestick02. The northwestern terrain mesh in Whiterun does not cast complete shadows. (meshes\architecture\whiterun\WRTerrain\wrgreathouseplatform01.

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Hay bales have poor collision which results in many objects floating above the actual surface. (meshes\clutter\hay\haybale01. The sad little fence used near the cow pen in Whiterun had a portion with see through end caps. (meshes\architecture\whiterun\WRFarmFence\wrfence64shiftl01. The Whiterun temple has bad texture tiling and UV errors. (meshes\architecture\whiterun\WRBuildings\wrtempleofk01.

Skyrim SE: Неофициальный патч Unofficial Patch

See through gap in the wooden beams over the exterior stairway decorations in Whiterun. (meshes\architecture\whiterun\WRCityWalls\wrwalltotem01. Daedric greatswords had ridiculously oversized collision which caused them to knock things off of places they were dropped or otherwise placed. (meshes\weapons\daedric\1stpersondaedricgreatsword. Nif, meshes\weapons\daedric\daedricgreatsword. Draugr battleaxes had collision which was offset from its center. (meshes\weapons\draugr\1stpersondraugrbattleaxe. Nif, meshes\weapons\draugr\draugrbattleaxe.

Dragon heartscales were missing an alpha map. (textures\clutter\dragon\dragonscalesgo. Dds, textures\clutter\dragon\heartscalesgo. The female Draugr load screen had a bad UV mapping on the bow string and other areas. Saadia's outfit had a visible hole in the shoulder area and was missing a specular map setting. (meshes\clothes\barkeeper\f\torso_0. Nif, meshes\clothes\barkeeper\f\torso_1. Nif, meshes\clothes\chef\f\chef_0. Nif, meshes\clothes\chef\f\chef_1. Nord temple entrance halls had incomplete collision allowing the player to fall through several parts.

(meshes\dungeons\nordic\exterior\nortempleentrancehall01. Dwemer shelves had bad collision causing many items placed on them to float. (meshes\clutter\dwemer\DweShelf01.

Что делаетUnofficial Patch

Nif, meshes\clutter\dwemer\DweShelf02. Nif, meshes\clutter\dwemer\DweShelf03. The solid Dwemer shelves also had bad collision causing things placed on them to float. (meshes\clutter\dwemer\DweShelfSolid01. Nif, meshes\clutter\dwemer\DweShelfSolid02. Nif, meshes\clutter\dwemer\DweShelfSolid03.

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Several texture, UV, and gap fixes were made to the terrain monolith under where the cow lives in Whiterun. (meshes\architecture\whiterun\wrterrain\wrgreathouseplatform02.

Unofficial Skyrim PatchНеофициальный патч Скайрима v121

Imperial fort doors lacked the sound keys necessary for making sounds when opened or closed. (meshes\dungeons\imperial\door\impwooddoorholedoor. Dwemer bowls had a vertical seam in the texture. (meshes\clutter\dwemer\dwebowl02. Giant clubs have insanely oversized collision. (meshes\weapons\giant\giantclub. Imperial wood beams had bad collision leading to floating items placed on them. (meshes\dungeons\imperial\clutterkits\impwoodbeam01. Nif, meshes\dungeons\imperial\clutterkits\impwoodbeam02.

Nif, meshes\dungeons\imperial\clutterkits\impwoodbeam03. Nif, meshes\dungeons\imperial\clutterkits\impwoodbeam04. Nif, meshes\dungeons\imperial\clutterkits\impwoodbeam05. Nif, meshes\dungeons\imperial\clutterkits\impwoodbeam06. Nif, meshes\dungeons\imperial\clutterkits\impwoodbeam07. Nif, meshes\dungeons\imperial\clutterkits\impwoodbeam08.

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